C and S Company, Inc. has been the responsible underground utility contractor for several completed pipeline projects in Las Vegas. Our company continues to rebuild internally and adopt new projects across Southern Nevada.

Currently, C and S Company, Inc. workers are continuing to develop the NDOT 3580 I-11 bypass, running from Las Vegas to Phoenix. The I-11 project is one of the largest projects our company has taken on in recent years, and phase one of the project is complete, permitting travel for Las Vegas locals and visitors.

We also completed some work on the NDOT 3684, a roadway rehabilitation project. This project is still underway, but some completed sections are previewed in the images below. C and S Company, Inc. is continuing to install new ITS conduits and vaults, as well as storm drainpipe extensions.

Many other projects are underway, and the C and S Company, Inc. team is proud of the work we have completed. We will continue to develop Las Vegas as a leading underground utility contractor in the valley. Preview some of our completed projects below.

Project “Strada Cassano (Lake Las Vegas)”

Project “Cactus”

Constructing the Future with Safety and Efficiently

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